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    Mask Aligner Options
  Options to Enhance Your Mask Aligner

Myriad offers a number of innovative options to enahce your processing capabilities. Ehance your mask aligner with:

High Resolution (HRz) Enhancement Options

U.V. Exposure Systems & Power Supply Options

Optical Viewing Sytems

Tooling Options

High Resolution (HRz) Enhancement Option
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Zeiss Optics
  • 350 watt light source
  • 350 watt U.V. power supply
  • Zeiss optical viewing head
  • Zeiss binocular
  • Zeiss objectives
  • Motor driven X-Y and Theta micrometer controls
  • 1/8 micron step wafer stage resolution

U.V. Exposure Systems & Power Supply Options
Tamarack Light Source5.jpg (764657 bytes)
  • Tamarack Light Source (high intensity upgrade)
  • Constant Intensity Power Supply (with optical feedback)
  • HA-5 Power Supply (with adjustable wattage)
  • 350 Watt Power Supply (constant wattage)
  • KP-3 Conversion (350 watt source cooling kit)
Optical Viewing Systems
  • Color Monitor Viewing System
  • Tri-Op KVO Turret (includes additional set of split field objectives)
  • Zeiss Binocular (resolution enhancement)
  • Vari-Power Viewing (rotation transfer lens provides three different magnifications at each optical position
  • IR Backside Alignment (mask align to metallized patterns on backside of wafers)
Tooling Options
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Control Box
  • Autoload (cassette-to-cassette)
  • Control Box (quickly and easily monitor and modify air pressure and vacuum controls
  • Proximity Printing (extended mask life, eliminates bow and runout)
  • Specialty Tools (a number of these are available, please inquire)
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